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3000 Watchers

Mon Oct 3, 2016, 11:05 PM
Just, yeah. Wow.
I remember when I first joined DeviantArt, and started to get a hang for the site that my goal was 1000 watchers. I was young back then and thought "more watchers the better!" so I aimed for my watcher count to grow. I soon realised that it was more about the experience and that I found more joy in my art being viewed to a large group rather just a number to show off.
But that doesn't mean I'm not grateful for the now 3k watchers that follow me, I couldn't be more happy or encouraged that so many people enjoy my artwork.
The journey to 3k has sure been something, hard times, negativity, positivity, the lot. It's been a long almost 6 years on this site. But I wouldn't trade it for the world as it really kickstarted my internet social life with my friends, past friendships/relationships that I do not regret, and of course my artwork. I most defiantly would have quit drawing if I didn't have anybody to show it to. So thankyou for viewing and enjoying my work, it helps me continue and inspire what I love to do the most. 
I hope everybody has a wonderful day. ♥

Mass Tag Journal

Mon Jul 25, 2016, 4:16 AM

This Journal will feature all my tags!


7th August 2016

Tagged by WHPLEFCT again (ya bastard ♥)

Name: Kaitlyn Kruger

Other aliases: ProBOOM, Pro, Kajitanii

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Sleep Hours: Gosh, it's all over the place honestly. It can range from 3 hours to 16. I'm unhealthy 8)

Lucky Number: I guess the typical 7. Or my birthdate, 31.

Last thing you googled: Colour palettes LOL

Favorite fiction character:
Sonic 8)

What are you wearing?: AAA Embarrassing, but I'm only wearing a big shirt LOL (Who needs pants tho)

When did you start DA: Feb 27th 2011

Watchers: 2,891 ♥♥

What do you upload to DA: Many Sonic

Do you have other blog: Yeppers. Twitter Tumblr

Do you get many comments: I get plenty! ♥

25th July 2016

Tagged by WHPLEFCT

10 Things you love tag
(no order)
1. My friends - I really love my friends, I don't always say or show them but I appreciate them so much. They're the best, most amazing, talented and incredible people I've ever met. I love them all in different ways, but all equally. ♥
2. My Dog - My dog always keeps me company and is there for me when I'm upset. She wasn't always my dog, she was previously my grandfathers who passed away, so I adopted her. She's the last thing I have of my granddad which makes her even more special to me. I love her so much.
3. Sonic - Kinda typical, lmao. But Sonic has really helped me in more ways than one. 
4. Drawing - Drawing has changed my life and how I view the world. Although I only draw Sonic, I've become alot more creative and open-minded.
5. Music - Music is beautiful, it can make you feel so many deep emotions. I love lying in bed at night, listening to music ♥
6. Cuddles - Who doesn't like cuddles? I love them so much though, I could cuddle all day LOL
7. Rainy days - There's nothing more perfect than lying in bed listening to the rain
8. Youtube - Youtubers, mainly. Over the years, different youtubers have helped me get through extremely rough times. I can't thank them enough for putting a smile on my face when nothing else could.
9. Shopping - Online or IRL, I love shopping. I don't even have to buy anything - just window shopping is good enough for me. I'm not so much fond of shopping for clothes, but anything else is exciting.
10. Milk & Cheese - Honestly the best food on the planet

Sketch Commission Livestream (Online)

Fri May 20, 2016, 10:28 AM
*** ***

Contest Prize: Marlow by ProBOOMCommission: LiMona by ProBOOMCommission: Avariean by ProBOOM
+ Character - $5/500:points:

Ask me in stream!

I know the list is long, curse those emergency commissions lmfao.

Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM **Emergency Commissions**  Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM

TheEnigmaMachine(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
TheoremOvermade (X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
HavocGirl (X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Nubliinq(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
VeggieMadness(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Mitzy-Chan(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Ribbzey(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
CottonCandyHurricane(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
SonicWindAttack(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Amalika(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Chris-The-Zorua(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM :points: Commissions  Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM

Angelfeather13(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Cakeklis(X)  Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl

Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM :dollarus: Commissions   Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM

zephyr093 (X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
sugar-n-spark(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Omiza-Zu - (X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Sakairi-chan(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
KatnipAddiction(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
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jayfoxfire(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
SirBurnout(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
WithImagination(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Prince-Lionel - (X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
SpiritOfTheBlue(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
TheQuietShadow(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Blind-Sniper(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Commission Additions 

Icons - (X)

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Warning: NSFW Descriptions

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Oddbrother(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl
habromania(X)  Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM Kirriban  Star (Kawiku) by ProBOOM



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(No rush just keeping track!)

Homeless Situation (Update)

Fri Apr 1, 2016, 2:44 AM

EDIT July 22nd

Hiya! Sorry I haven't updated this yet, alot of things happened in my life like a breakup, depression & death so I haven't been very active here. But I'm decent again I think! So I'll be drawing more frequently and generally being more active. 
So a few months ago I had the situation of almost being homeless, so I had to take emergency commissions to get enough for bond, and it went perfectly. I got enough raised for the bond which I'm so incredibly happy & forever thankful about. We're still not very stable financially, as we're still struggling to pay for food but were getting by, we've got a roof over our heads and that's the main thing!
I really love our new house, it's not fantastic and it's quite small but it suits us well!
As for the emergency commissions/commissions in general, I'm so sorry I'm taking so long with them. I'm 100% at fault here, my depression has recently took a turn the past few months and I hadn't been doing absolutely anything. I still feel not so great but I'm doing okay and getting better. I've actually took it upon myself to see a professional about it and try to get some help, so that's exciting but also terrifying. I'll slowly be getting commissions done, but please remember that if you don't want to wait I can absolutely always get some money and refund you!
Thankyou so much again to those who donated, commissioned and spread the word back then, I'm still so greatful and shocked that so many people cared about my well being. ♥

EDIT April 5th
We got enough for bond!! <3
Thankyou so much everybody again! I'm so excited
I'll keep everybody updated!! <3
EDIT April 3
The amount of people wanting to help is just outstanding, I never thought so many people would want to help me. People who didn't even know me, people who don't even watch me! It's outstanding. It warms my heart so much, you guys are incredible. Without the money raised we would have been homeless for sure or in a very very bad state for months. I still feel bad that I had to make this public, to ask others for help but I'm so glad I did otherwise things would have been awful. When I told my parents about the money raised they were absolutely over the moon.
But again, thankyou so much to those who donated out of the kindness of their hearts!!
Un-Genesis Mikitanii Miiukka NighthelmCa XxMadiRosexX Caffinated-Pinecone Infernallect BrianRandom
And to those who commissioned me!
TheEnigmaMachine ChibiiChao m1tchi3Du5k Sonar15 TheoremOvermade Nubliinq HavocGirl Un-Genesis
And all these people who made journals about my situation!!!
cat-tus Redly-Panda TheNornOnTheGo DragonCosmos CottonCandyHurricane Espioboid Lollipop-Zombi AngelOShadows WaniRamirez CatFromDream StarletGem Rhythm-is-best-pony Rayaa2 G3X4NI sonicxamy135 Teslarossa MidnightStarThings Guguda01 Infernallect Silventer Mosh-Fox GoldenDust-Creations Talltaless villyvalley16 Madhatter110066 JellyBray TwinklePark Mewjikai TwinTailFireFox12 hikariviny kakyuuspark TheDoodleKid1000 rosebugdesigns Elukai Miiukka Uriirhay Worldsmixer1234 JustSquidsYay GodzillaSonicTitan blackburn789 CNWgraphis HavocGirl MasterPerryMartin GravitatingEnigma Mikitanii Kiiro-nee-san ZII3 Strykeforce2005 Onna-Kiki 3D-Xecution Sonic-Spyro-Maestro sonicsilver12 Pokiisu TheTurretBoy MadameToaster Trayvonism
You're all friggen fantastic people I love you all. Thankyou!! ♥
(Realised I posted this on a bad day, I assure you this isn't an April fools journal)
I absolutely hate to do this, with the list I already got I really don't want to do this but I have to. Without going into too much detail, we're moving house and need 2k for bond money. Which we absolutely don't have. It's due within a week and if we don't pay it we loose the new house we're moving into, thus being homeless. We can't stay in the house we're currently in for any longer because it's being sold by the owners.
I'm, uh. Honestly really scared.
I have to open commissions to help my parents. I won't be able to raise too much I doubt, but anything helps, absolutely anything will help. My parents are doing everything they can to get the money but so far everything has failed so it's come down to opening commissions again.
I only have 3 days to get as much money as I can, as paypal takes awhile for money to transfer into the bank.
My commission prices are here (NSFW Available):
(Only accepting paypal sorry! Q^Q I don't have two weeks for the points to transfer into cash)
Please know that I may take a few months to complete. They will be completed though.
If you are possibly interested in donating (You absolutely don't have to) my paypal is if you send money please let me know who you are in the comments, I'll be forever appreciative. Even just $1 will help immensely. All donations will receive some sort of thank-you art!!
I won't be accepting any more donations because we seem to be just able to scrape through now!! Commissions are still open though
Oh, also if people would be ever so kind to help spread the word, that would be absolutely fantastic!
Thankyou so much everybody. I feel awful to have to ask people who don't even know me to help, but I don't want to be homeless.
I am forever grateful, I will always remember this.
I got to raise about $800!! Which is so incredible! Bond is 2k but I think we're JUST going to be able to scrape through!! I'm so happy yet still nervous because nothing is set in stone as of yet. I'm about 70% sure we have enough! So I'll stop the donations, but will continue with the commissions just incase we do need more money. I'm still going to try to reach $1k.
I did get one person claiming I'm scamming, which was upsetting but I ain't gonna let it ruin such a beautiful act of generosity from a huge amount of people!! I just want everybody to know this is all 100% serious & real, I'm definitely not scamming, our family do really need this money. It is an emergency, I'm not over exaggerating or milking it I promise.
(Sorry if I missed anybody!! There were so many people QoQ)
I'll keep you guys updated!!
Sonic Commissions Information Sheet

I will only accept payment after commission is completed.
Commission may take up to a month to complete, if you are to commission please make sure you have the money/points on you when I complete it.
Yes the prices are technically "high" for DeviantART but I do spend a ridiculous amount of time on each piece.
Clean LineArt takes a LOT of time, so that's why it is quite higher in price.
Single Character Artwork with backgrounds included will have a background like this: (X) For Multiple Characters the background will be similar to this: (X)
Payments can be a mixture of points and money.
Do not send points/cash before you know I have accepted your commission.


NSFW Commission Information

Wed Mar 16, 2016, 4:59 PM




If you are interested in NSFW Art please note me.
Official & OC's Accepted

NSFW Rules
I will draw some fetishes, please question about it. Fetishes I will definitely not do are Scat, Cub, Vore, Inflation & Sexualized Genderbending.
All NSFW artwork will either be not uploaded or uploaded to InkBunny.
If you are unsure about anything just ask through notes.


Flat Colour Brush LineArt

Dfghjk2 by ProBOOM
+ Character - $12

Shaded, Brush LineArt

(Inc. Simple BG)

+ Character - $15

Comic Shaded, Clean LineArt

(Inc. Simple BG)

Commission: Obsiddy by ProBOOM
+ Character - $25


(Inc. Semi-Detailed BG)

Example Here

+ Character - $38/3800:points:

My Birthday! QWQ

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 1, 2016, 7:07 PM

So my birthday was a few days ago, on the 31st; I had an absolutely wonderful day QWQ So many birthday wishes and gifts!! I didn't really get to do much IRL, but I enjoyed spending the whole day on Skype with the people I love ♥
I wanted to thank everybody for all the birthday wishes and gifts I got! 
Thankyou so much, you all made my birthday amazing ♥

Happy birthday pRO! ! by Miiukka

It's Party Time! by Midnight-Kyon

Kira by Cakeklis 

BD Picture~ by TheQuietShadow

Salty by TAT3XD

Have a Salt-y B-Day! .:Early Gift:. by VeggieMadness  

Salty Ravioli by TAT3XD

Birf Day  by MaddieBat

Happy b-day ProBOOM!!!! by Tiggyyau26

Cries softly

My Birthday!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 1, 2015, 2:38 AM

Well, yesterday was pretty good! I had an awesome time. Yesterday was my birthday, but in America, England and other countries my birthday is today, the 31st. Although I think it may be the 1st now. lmao. On my actual birthday was voting day, so we didn't get to do anything much, mum and I sat down and played some Wii U though! xD It was hilarious watching her play Sonic Boom. I can't really explain it, but multiplayer for Sonic Boom is hilarious, especially when your mum doesn't know how to play video games. I was just watching Tails (Mum's character) constantly run into the wall. Mum and I were just constantly laughing, it was a super nice bonding time ;v;
Mum got this amazing Sonic Hoodie (…), 4 Sonic Boom comics and $200. I purposely got the hoodie a few sizes smaller, because I plan to lose weight x'D So when I can fit in the hoodie, I'll take a picture and post it here ;v;
Thankyou to all the people who wished me a happy birthday QuQ It means so much to me! and all the fantastic gifts! Ahh, I love them all :'D Thankyou so much! It makes me feel so special that people are willing to draw for me, just to make my birthday better, and it honestly does, so much. The best part about my birthdays is going on Deviantart and seeing all the birthday wishes and gifts, it seriously makes my day 100x better. So I really can't thankyou all enough QuQ I'll post this journal on both my Sonic and MLP account, so everyone can get this message of thanks.
  Happy Birthday Kaji-sama by MrsCurlyStyles  Kay by QueenPoisonFlame   Happy Birthday ProBoom! by SherryBlossom  :GIFT: Watch me roll! by ShadowyChica  Happy Birthday Kaji-Tani! by HiccupsTheNoodle  Happy Birthday Kaji-Tani! by CHlCKY <da:thumb id="510738987"/>  g: yooo by Didsu  Cupacakeee by Pomnoi
I love them all so much Q_Q ♥

Skin css and layout by DrTrueBlueJS

Sonic Groups (Personal use)

Thu Jan 22, 2015, 1:17 AM
Just needed to write down the groups I normally submit my art into so I don't have to go searching everywhere for the groups :'I This might be helpful to others idk

Any/all characters

:iconsonic--infinite: :iconsonic-club: :iconmobians-united: :iconteamsoniclovers: :iconsonicbrotherhoodclub: :iconsonic--unlimited: :iconsonic-group: :iconcrazyforsonic: :iconsonic-universe-fans: :iconsonic-xtreme: :iconsonic-pokemon-fc: :iconsonic-revolutions: :iconsonic-officials: :iconsonicfans-club: :iconunknownsonicartists: :iconsupersonic-art: :iconsonicfansbaby: :iconsonicfreeart: :iconsonicfreaks-united: :iconsmash-universe: :iconsonic-fan-art-club: :iconspindash-artists: :icontrue-sonic-club: :iconmobian-artists: :iconsonic-shadow-silver: :iconmobiusartists: :iconsonic-4life: :iconsonicuniverses-group: :iconsega-nintendo-fans: :iconsonic-fanbase: :iconsonic-legacy-club: :icontrueblueasylum: :iconsoniclostworld: :iconsupersonic-fan-zone: :iconsonicanniversaries: :iconsonic-es: :iconsonic-team-da: :iconsonicartistsatheart: :iconall-sonic-art: :icontrueblueinstitute: :iconsonic-all-characters:

Single Characters

:iconprotect-amy-rose: :iconamy-rose-universe: :iconamy-fans-2006: :iconamyrose-fan-lovers: :icontails-club: :icontails-fox-fans: :iconknucklesloversunited: :iconshadow-fc: :iconrabidshadowfangirls: :iconblaze-fan-club: :iconsilver-fan-group:


:icona-a-sonic-shipping: :iconsonicxamy-club: :iconsonamy-fans: :iconsonamy-club-fans: :iconsxa-sxlovexr-sxb::iconsonamy-fangroup: :iconshadowxamy-love: :iconsonic-yaoi-group: :icontailsxcosmo-fanclub: :iconsonicxshadowclub: :iconsonadow-fever: :iconsuper-fans-sonadow: :iconsonamy-all-forms: :iconsonamy-boom: :icontruesonamyfans: :iconsonadowlove: :iconsonamy-lovers-fc: :iconsonamy-fansclub: :iconknouge-lovers: :iconall-sonic-couples:

Fan Characters 

:iconsonic-charas-club: :iconsonic-chara-club: :iconsonic-oc-universe: :iconfancharactersofsonic: :iconsonic-fcs-and-ocs: :iconsonicfancharacter: :iconall-sonic-oc-s: :iconsonic-fc-group: :iconsonicfanclub5139: :iconsonic-oc-gurlz: :iconsonic-and-ocs: :iconsonicfcsclub: :iconfancharactersclub: :iconfc-club:


:iconsonicadoopts: :iconsonic-adoptioncenter: :iconadoptasonic: :iconsonic-adoptable: :iconsonicadoptables: :iconloving--adopts: :iconsonicadoptablesgroup: :iconsonic-adoptionagency:


:iconsonic-comic-artists: :iconsonic-boom-hub: :iconda-gamers: :iconfanartsociety: :icongame-fans: :iconsegasonicgirlsclub: :icontruegamers: :iconoc---club:

If you know any other good groups with atleast 1000+ watchers, I'd love to hear em!

I will only accept payment after commission is completed.

Commission may take up to a month to complete, if you are to commission please make sure you have the money/points on you when I complete it.

Yes the prices are technically "high" for DeviantART but I do spend a ridiculous amount of time on each piece.
Clean LineArt takes a LOT of time, so that's why it is quite higher in price.

Single Character Artwork with backgrounds included will have a background like this: (X) For Multiple Characters the background will be similar to this: (X)

Payments can be a mixture of points and money.

Do not send points/cash before you know I have accepted your commission.



Click Here For More Information

Coloured Sketches

+ Character - $5/500:points:

Flat Colour Brush LineArt

Gift: MaddieBat by ProBOOMCommission: Lindsey by ProBOOM
+ Character - $8/800:points:

Shaded, Clean LineArt

(Inc. Simple BG)

Commission: Wainani Haliaka by ProBOOM
+ Character - $10/1000:points:


(Inc. Semi-Detailed BG, I will get you to choose a Zone from any Sonic game as the background)

BOOM! by ProBOOM Dank Sonic by ProBOOM 
No accurate reference yet


+ Character - $25/2500:points:


(Inc. Semi-Detailed BG)

BOOM! by ProBOOM  
No accurate reference yet

+ Character - $15/1500:points:

PHYSICAL SIGNED PRINTS (Fullbody Painting Style Only!)

For an additional $25USD/2500:points: I will print the artwork on a glossy print A4 poster, sign and laminate it then ship it to your address.
Shipping and printing costs covered worldwide.